We operate a number of online shops with self-developed unique products. We have worked with web, e-commerce and design since the late 90s and have hands-on experience in all disciplines.

Cubica is owned by Mr and Mrs Gudiksen and has existed since 2007. Then we started Dimaria Wallstickers and since then we have several companies in our portfolio.

In 2008, Aurea Living was founded. Here we sell home accessories, where the graphic design is in the red line. We have subsequently made several niche shops and in the spring of 2012 we bought BOXdeLUX.dk to get an even better platform for a broader reach with our products.


Karsten Gudiksen

Email: kg@cubica.dk.dk

Googletalk: kgudiksen@gmail.com

Skype: karstengudiksen

Telefon: +45 5055 4466



Anni Gudiksen

Email: ag@cubica.dk

Googletalk: annigudiksen@gmail.com

Telefon:+45 6060 2228



Cubica Aps

Hjarbækvej 65
8831 Løgstrup

CVR: 30589092

Accountant: Revisionshuset Viborg

Lawyer: Leoni Advokater

Bank: Ringkjøbing Landbobank

Account number: 7670 4454562


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